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In 1917, Gabriel Marí Montañana, an enterprising businessman from Valencia, created his first workshop for manufactured metal products. He began an adventure which has been carried on through generations with enthusiasm and determination...


In 1967 VDA. DE GABRIEL MARÍ MONTAÑANA, S.A. was founded, today the hub of an association of companies grouped together under the name PRACTIC, with production centres in Meliana and Albuixech. The enterprising family nature of the company has provided the group with a sound work ethic which is the cornerstone of a company culture based on a commitment to customer service and leadership. State-of-the-art technology and an efficient infrastructure are the answers to the growing and comprehensive needs required for local and international recognition for the products which are produced and marketed under the PRACTIC brand. Safety, resistance, adaptability, product range and service are qualities we uphold, control and demand of our company through both internal and external controls. Our processes and products are guaranteed by the strictest quality certification systems (ISO, EC conformity marking, etc.), hich are carried out by both our Quality Control Department and by Independent International Organizations (AENOR, LNE, AFITI, ISTITUTTO GIODARNO, …)




In short, we are a group committed to Quality and Customer Service. Functionality, perseverance and creativity in forms: proposals which create a new challenge and a new art in our products - Stainless art, Research, Development and Innovation. We are pioneers in the installation of state-of-the-art gas exhaust systems, and we collaborate in training our clients to comply with increasingly demanding safety regulations. Our technicians belong to the PRACTIC group, and they are proud representatives of our vocation. Practicality is a sign that you are standing on solid ground. Our products and services are solid, robust and long-lasting, and our team helps our clients to see the PRACTIC side of life. Highly personalized customer service from our professional team is the basis of our company structure, image and spirit.

Welcome to Vda. de Gabriel Marí Montañana, S.A. Welcome to PRACTIC Group.