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Product catalogue

 Stainless Steel sinks catalogue                      Taps for bathroom and kitchen pice list

 Sanitary ware catalogue                                    Step Stools catalogue

Flue & Chimney systems catalogue

 Information about our product range

 Alupráctic line

 Double Wall line

 Double Wall line (Industrial line)

 Airtight line

 Coaxial airtight line

 Vitrified black line

 Single Wall line

 Pellet line

 Polypropylene line

 Coaxial polypropylene line

 Practicshunt atmospheric line

 Practicshunt two Walls airtight line

 Practicshunt airtight line

 Practicshunt triple Wall airtight line

Declaration of performance

Shower trays                                                       Sinks

Alupractic chimney                                             Airtight chimney

Single Wall chimney                                          Double Wall chimney - T600 Double Wall

Practicshunt atmospheric chimney                Practicshunt two Walls chimney

Practicshunt airtight chimney                           Practicshunt triple Wall (wall) chimney

Black Vitrified Line                                              Pellet line

Double Wall classification EI180 AFITY         Evacuation systems and accessories classification Double Wall EI180

Operating and maintenance instructions        Mounting instructions

Flue and chimney systems                               Vitrified black line

Shower trays                                                        Pellet line

Sinks                                                                      Double Wall chimney

Step Stoolsn                                                         Single Wall chimney

Additional downloads                                             Airtight line & Coaxial airtight line

Product name plate                                             Alupractic line